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This iPhone Gesture Makes Opening Links in New Tabs Way Easier

safari feat 1

iOS has always been a gesture-based OS and that is one of the most intuitive features of the iPhone platform. Navigating in any iOS device is a breeze with swipe and multi-finger gestures. However, there are still some gestures that remain unknown to common users. I came to know about one such gesture while surfing through Reddit. It is integrated within Safari and can open up links in a new tab with just a tap.

Conventionally, to open up a link in a new tab, you have to 3D press (on 3D Touch-enabled devices) or haptic press the link to open the sub-menu. From there you can tap the “Open in New Tab” option to complete the process.

However, there is another way to perform the task that bypasses all the above steps. With a single tap of two-fingers on the desired link, you can open it up in a new tab instantly. This simple gesture is present in the Safari app since at least iOS 10 and still is unknown to many iOS users.

This two-finger tap gesture can be really useful for users who surf the web using Safari in the Max iPhone models or the iPads. It can save users a lot of taps and consequently, time.

Let us know down in the comments if you knew about this trick or not. If you didn’t know, you’re welcome.

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