Spotify Now Lets You Login with Your Google Account

spotify sign in with google

Spotify has long offered the ability to login with Facebook and recently gained the capability to sign in with Apple ID on Apple devices. In the latest development, the company is adding the option to sign in with your Google account.

The new Spotify-Google integration seems limited for now. In a support article, Spotify mentions that you can’t connect your existing Spotify account to Google. In other words, you will have to use the email-based sign-in option if your Spotify email address is the same as your Google email address.

If you’re an existing Spotify user, you will end up creating a new Spotify account if you use the ‘Continue with Google’ button. However, this will be convenient for new users as they can easily use Spotify through their Google account without much hassle. Another advantage of using a Google account to sign up for Spotify is that you get support for two-factor authentication, a crucial security feature that Spotify natively lacks.

Spotify’s Google account integration comes at a time when Google has started shutting down Google Play Music for a wide range of users. With this timely step, Spotify might be hoping to make it easier for users who are moving away from Google Play Music.

As 9to5Google reports, the feature is now live on Android and the web. When I checked here in India, the ‘Continue with Google’ button was present on the web but not on Android. That, however, is expected to change soon as Spotify widely rolls out the login method.

VIA 9to5Google
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