Happy Birthday Facebook, Seriously, What a ride !

8 years on web, 2nd most visited website in world, 800 Million+ members and a Company worth $94 Billion, What more.

To celebrate Facebook’s Birthday we’v got some interesting stories from awesome journey of Thefacebook to Facebook.

 A Perfect Start
  • In just 3 months after the site went live in Feb, 2004 there were 100-150k users and 400-500k users at 6 months (August 2004) when it was available at something like 200-300 schools.
  • Facebook reached 1 Million users in early December 2004, when it was available at something like 400-500 schools.
Story of Facebook Awesome Button that eventually became Like button
  • Initially Facebook “Like” button was named as “Awesome” button.
  • Planning about it started in July 2007, many symbols, languages were considered like Stars, Plus Sign and Thumbs Up etc but settled temporarily, on “Awesome”.
  • In November 2007 Facebook was all set to launch “Awesome” button but in final review Mark Zuckerberg  recognize “Awesome” wasn’t a good choice.
  • Finally Facebook launched Like button in February 2009.

There is a story behind the :putnam:    Facebook Chat emoticon

  • This chat emoticon is based on Chris Putnam, Who is Engineer at Facebook since 2005.
  • Chris Putnam became Facebook employee after he hacked Facebook and created a worm virus that made two thousand Facebook profiles look like myspace profiles.
  • He said that he will be forever grateful that the company was so sympathetic toward people like him. It’s one of the things that really sets Facebook apart with its passion for scrappy, hacker-type engineers.

Rent for business space in Palo Alto fell by 13% due to Facebook moving out of downtown

  • Facebook moved from Palo Alto, California, to Menlo Park, California in December 2011 and this move hurt the rents in downtown and the rents fell by 13%.

These were some anecdotes from Facebook, hope you liked. Again we wish a very happy birthday to Facebook.