Should You Pull Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail?

In Short
  • Aventurine is an excellent choice if you are a Clara main or have squishy characters in your roster.
  • Fu Xuan is better compared to Aventurine, but he is much better than Geopard.
  • Aventurine has great offensive and defensive abilities, making him a good pick for most teams.

Honkai Star Rail is currently in the first phase of version 2.1 with the second phase right around the corner. The 2nd phase of HSR version 2.1 will feature Aventurine and Jingliu, which is going to be tough pick for many players. If you are unsure of whether to pull for Aventurine or not in HSR 2.1, here is a complete analysis of his pros and cons.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine’s Kit

Aventurine has a strong offensive sustain kit, and with his best build, he can make quite an impact. He specializes in breaking Imaginary Weakness enemies while providing team-wide shields to keep Sustain your team pretty comfortably.

Aventurine completely scales on Defense, making both his offensive and defensive abilities pretty strong when min-maxed.

Aventurine Ultimate Honkai Star Rail

His Skill gives a strong team-wide stackable shield and his Ultimate does a decent Imaginary bounce damage while also marking enemies. Allies attacking the marked enemies get a Crit Damage increase, which is pretty useful.

His shields are stackable and when Aventurine gets attacked while equipping his shield several times, he can do a follow-up bounce attack.

Aventurine vs Other Sustain Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Now that you understand his strengths and how to play him, let’s take a look at how Aventurine compares to other top Sustain Characters.

  • Aventurine vs Geopard: Being a a Shield character, there will obviously be comparisons with Geopard. Aventurine is a much better character than Geopard, as he can easily keep the shields up for the entire team and also be an amazing offensive asset.
  • Aventurine vs Fu Xuan: Fu Xuan is an SS tier Sustain character and the biggest competitor for Aventurine. Although it’s a hard pick between both, Fu Xuan still edges out over Aventurine when it comes to tanking hard-hitting attacks. However, Aventurine is not far behind Fu Xuan and can do a comparable job to her in keeping your team alive, especially with how easy it is to provide shields to the team with Aventurine.
  • Aventurine vs Healers (Luocha and Huohuo): This is a hard comparison because preservation characters make the team tankier, while healers keep the team alive. Aventurine is a great choice when it comes to squishy characters, like Hunt characters, as you cannot heal them if they get one shot by the enemy. However, Aventurine doesn’t pair well with characters like Jingliu and Blade, and cannot cleanse debuffs like Luocha or Huohuo.

Best Team Synergies for Aventurine

When you are pulling for characters, it is best to pull for those that fit your team. Aventurine is the perfect sustain for Clara mains, as she would love his shields to soak up more damage.

Similarly, characters like Seele, Dr. Ratio, or Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae can work well with Aventurine. So, if you have these DPS units, you should look forward to pulling for Aventurine.

Does Aventurine Need His Signature Light Cone?

Aventurine’s Light Cone, Inherently Unjust Destiny, is a pretty strong Light Cone for offensive Preservation characters that provide a shield in the game, like March 7th, Fire Trailblazer, and Aventurine. It increases Crit Damage by 40% for the wearer when providing shield to an ally. The Light Cone also increases the damage taken by enemies when getting hit by the wearer’s follow-up attack, which can only trigger for March 7th and Aventurine at the moment.

However, Aventurine doesn’t need his signature Light Cone to be good, because there are many great 4-star and free-to-play Light Cones perfect for his build. The Trend of the Universal Market, This Is Me!, Destiny’s Threads Forewoven, and Texture of Memories, are all great picks for Aventurine.

Should You Pull for Aventurine?

Now that you have taken a look at everything Aventurine provides, let’s boil everything down to his strengths and weaknesses.

Aventurine’s Strength:

  • Strong team-wide stackable shields that are easy to keep up.
  • Good Imaginary damage output and toughness damage to enemies.
  • Good offensive buffs for a Sustain.

Aventurine’s Weaknesses:

  • Cannot heal allies or cleanse debuffs.
  • Can be Skill point negative against certain enemies.
  • Doesn’t pair well with Blade and Jingliu.

Overall, I think Aventurine is a great option to bolster your Honkai Star Rail team. If you have Clara on your team, then you should pull Aventurine as he will be a massive asset to her. Other than that, it is always smart to have a good shielder in the roster to clear the really hard stages of MoC.

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