Add A Dynamic Angle To Your Site By Integrating Rumbletalk Social Chat Room


Rumbletalk brings in an innovative and amazing scope of adding an exciting dimension to your site. With an integrated social chat room incorporated within your site, your visitors can avail an all new exciting and easy access to a mind boggling social platform. Now you can keep your visitors engaged for hours with the all new exciting chat wing linked to your site. Moreover you have absolute liberty of choosing the way of interlinking the Rumbletalk chat application to your site either with an entire webpage embedded in your site or just having a floating icon of Rumbletalk ingrained at the bottom corner of your site. You even opt for sharing a direct URL which does not require any site platform. The best part is that you can stylize Rumbletalk as a part of your Facebook fan page too and provide all new enticing aspect to your social fan pages or business pages.

A quick glimpse of the wide arena of intriguing features that Rumbletalk offers defines itself how it can add an innovative edge to your, pinpoint it to Google, bring upon a huge bulk of new visitors, entice your visitors better and thus provide an absolute way of success for your site to top over the rat race in the online market.


You can readily access your chat window from your media devices like smart phones or tablet. This HTML5 hosted interactive live chat application provides a wide opportunity to customize the social chat theme of your site all by yourself. No programming, no coding just your creative insight is enough to ornate your site with an appropriate theme designed live chat embellishment.Integrate advanced customized social chat option with CSS technology.

Now what more you can look forward to by using Rumbletalk? The amazement starts with the list of the stunning features. Enjoy real time live chatting with your site’s audience, or directly export relevant product related discussion among real visitors into your HTML code to spur your own site’s content quality. Since you can integrate it almost at any online platform like blogs, social app, Event, Website or Facebook you can stay connected with your chat connections anytime and anywhere. Your visitors can even re-tweet a chat conversation line on a social media platform using simplified online sharing technology. Keep up the vibe of social promotion and networking and active SEO with your visitors inviting their Facebook or Twitter friends for chatting.

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The application upholds improved key features like SaaS and cloud base technologies. Your visitors can deck their chat and conversation with extensive images and videos, bringing conversations to life. Apart from public chat, Rumbletalk also provides complete support and options for personal chat sessions. So, your visitors can have a splendid personal time among themselves. Exciting options for adding creative background pictures to your chat provides added entertainment.

Simple and optimized account management control enable you to keep a tight control over as an administrator.  You can not only restrict inappropriate usage of unacceptable words, you can also ban IP addresses and users. As a moderator, you can monitor spamming and block suspected users. Thus, starting from designing, choosing creative templates, to billing or administrative control, you can be in control of everything.

Just add a single line of code to your HTML coding and embed amazing access gateway to Rumbletalk for your visitors and at the same time boost your site’s online prominence. Simple copy pasting of the code works it all like a magic and you can have your site incorporated with a an advanced and high tech chat app in just mere 60 seconds. So, if you still don’t have Rumbletalk on your portal get that smart toolbar chat or floating chat icon connected to your site right away.

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