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In a today’s world every field of life is driven by a neck to neck competition. Presentation and promotion have become an imperative part of marketing. It is the way you reach out to your potential customers and the way you showcase your product works in favor or against the success of your business. Now, when it comes to promotion and marketing of any product for commercial purpose there are numerous ways of advertising, one of the most preferred ways being the launching of a corporate video.

Having an animated business video for your company, product or business means that have the maximum scope of illustrating about your product or services with the most interesting graphical technology. However, until now creating such upscale professional animated web videos used to be exclusively an expert’s affair. But now even a novice can create an absolutely stunning HD quality professional explainer video embedded with striking 3D effects. If you are still lagging behind the racing market trend, it is time for you to take control with an impressive promo video for your business that you can create all by yourself with the latest online promo maker, MakeWebVideo. With this online promo maker you are only 3 simple steps away from your own corporate promo video.


Create your own explainer web video in 3 simple steps and promote your video on all popular social platforms like YouTube or Facebook:

Step 1, you need to select an attractive and apt template design from the wide collection of Adobe After Effects templates that you can easily customize with your own text, pictures and music. You can not only access MakeWebVideo from any common browser on Mac, Windows or Linux, but you can also create enticing full HD sales video promos with absolutely no technological expertise. Integrated tools like advanced movie software and authoritative pending technology provides end to end support in making an impressive animated explainer video with smart cartoons or latest 3D effects.

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In step 2, you need to deck your template with your own text, music, pictures, etc. MakeWebVideo is the easiest solution for creating unique professional promotional business videos within record time. Moreover, this online video production service is dedicated towards transforming the entire concept of creating online promo videos. Now you must be wondering how? This online web video maker works on an intelligent automated program minimizing manual labor to the minimum edge. Believe it or not, it will now take you only 30 minutes to create engaging business videos from your archive of photos, music, text or footage.

In the 3rd step you get the product file, which is nothing less than a cutting edge professional sales or marketing video ready to be published and embedded or your business site or to be shared on any social site. The refined high tech utility of this online tool, MakeWebVideo makes it a child’s play to create top notch classic business promo videos in less than an hour that you can comfortably download in MP4 format or as a WEBM video and utilize immediately on your webpage or in any blog or social site. It offers an unrivaled explainer video production service where you can create first-rate ace Full HD promo videos and curb your costs at the same time by just investing as low as $29 for a smart graphically enhanced business promo video. However, even before you spend the amount you can create a free preview video before getting the final file.

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So, those of you who were hesitant until now about spending a ton on a business ad can now relax and take a resourceful step for the business promotion and get an affordable explainer video at less than $100. This means that you can now afford an enticing explainer promo video to suit your business without spending a threshold over experts, for you can do the job all by yourself. So, it is time to revamp your business with a modern edge graphic illustration of your product or service at an amazingly budget rate, and be a smart entrepreneur to present your business in an entertaining way in the global platform.


  1. The best feature of makewebvideo is that we can use the adobe after effect templates it make explainer video production more great.

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