asus rog phone 2 ultimate edition featured

ROG Phone II “Ultimate Edition” with 1TB UFS 3.0 Storage Announced at IFA 2019

asus rog phone 2 ultimate edition featured

What’s the point of a gaming phone if you can’t install literally every game you might ever want to play on it, while also being able to record all your gameplay and keep it on your phone so you can show it off to your friends, edit it and put it up on YouTube? That’s at least what Asus is going for here it seems. The company has launched an Ultimate Edition of its gaming phone — the ROG Phone II.

The Ultimate Edition ROG Phone II comes with a whopping 1TB storage, using the fast UFS 3.0 storage standard so you can expect lightning fast file saves, transfers, and more. With this, Asus ROG Phone II has become the world’s first Android phone to offer 1 TB UFS 3.0 storage, ever.

Apart from the storage, the phone comes with a 120Hz OLED display, Snapdragon 855+ SoC, a 6,000 mAh battery, and yes, Vapor Chamber cooling to keep things cool when you’ve been gaming for hours on end.

Plus, if you’re a fan of matte finishes, this new variant comes in an exclusive matte black colour, so get hyped. Also get ready to shell out quite a hefty sum, since Asus has priced this phone at 1,199 Euros — a big jump from the ROG Phone II’s 899 Euro price tag.

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