Apple introduced “Assistive Touch ” in iOS 5 that allowed users to use gestures and tap on touch screen to get access to certain commands. Assistive touch make iOS easy to use for people who have physical disadvantage over others, it includes controls for lock screen, volumes and finger based gestures. Android being so much flexible in terms of customization, developers are able to introduce this assistive touch like floating apps on android that also includes one touch access to quick controls from the screen without even touching the notification bar. These Android apps are like touch icons that float on-screen and expand when you touch those translucent icons.

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Here are Top 10 apps that allows assistive touch including ability to lock the screen, toggle hardware features and some extra quick functions.


1. Floating Touch

floating touch

Floating touch floats on your screen over other apps, it supports the quick toggles used by Android system widget. The features include clear memory, favorite apps, recent apps, system switches (brightness, profile, bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS, Mobile data, orientation lock, flashlight and airplane mode). The back and home button needs root permission. You can customize the button, create folders, change color or icon of app, add favorite apps. Most features need pro version.

Developer: Boat Browser design

Availability: Free and in app Upgrade option available

2. Easy Touch (Android Style)

easy touch

This floating app button features quick settings switches like Bluetooth, WiFi,GPS  etc, favorite apps, home button, back and menu button (requires root permission), lock screen, app list, recent task, task manager, cache cleaner, time display and memory optimizer. You can customize the app using themes.

Developer: Shereworkshop

Availability: Free on Google Play

3. Easy Touch (iPhone Style)

easy touch

This free assistive touch app include quick toggle settings, favorite app, home button, back and menu buttons that need root permissions, lock screen, app list, recent task, task manager, RAM optimizer and cache cleaner. The app supports new themes.

Developer: Shereworkshop

Availability: Free on Google Play

4. iTouch


iTouch is iOS 6 UI style assistive touch with features like open favorite website, back to home screen, wi-fi toggle, rotation toggle and volume up and down, data connection toggle, mute and un-mute toggle,customize favorite apps, clean memory, bluetooth and flashlight toggle, ability to hide in status bar, long press settings to open system settings and a few more android setting toggle. The app has a pro version in Google Play.

Developer: Hi Dev Studio

Availability: Free and Pro version available

5. Touch Me -Assistive Touch

touch me

This floating assistive touch app allows you to change quick settings like toggling flashlight,wi-fi, APN, GPS,brightness, bluetooth, lock screen. You can open favorite apps, call or send text message to favorite contact, go back to home screen, task manager, memory optimizer.

Developer:Cool Apps

Availability: Free on Google Play

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6. Toucher


Toucher is developed by renowned developer team Go launcher Ex, the app allows user to lock the screen, go back to home screen, open recent apps, open favorite apps, device switches up to 18 in total,menu option, clean up memory  and add new themes. The app is free on Google Play.

Developer: Go Launcher Ex

Availability: Free on Google Play

7. Top Assistant

top assistant

Top assistant is another assistive touch app on Android, it includes features like favorite apps, home button,recent apps, app information, uninstall apps,customize panel and add action or apps, menu back and search button and uninstall option that requires root.

Developer: Angeldroid Studio

Availability: Free on Google Play

8. Assistive Touch

assistive touch

Assistive touch app includes features like back to main screen, voice search, mute/un-mute switch, mobile network switch, free phone memory and clean cache,uninstall and install applications. The pro version includes virtual keys, screenshot, exit current program, flight mode switch.

Developer: OPDA Team

Availability: Free on Google Play, Pro version is Free

9.  V9 Assistive Touch

v9 assistive touch

V9 Assistive switch includes features like one touch acceleration, one key surf to open browser, one key switch to open favorite apps, one key dial to set favorite contact, one key hide to hide the floating button.

Developer:V9  Team

Availability: Free on Google Play

10. Magic  Toucher Utility

magic touch

Magic toucher Utility is another assistive touch app that features quick settings and system toggles, sidebar mode, screen shot, flashlight and lock screen, virtual home, power and back keys, system based multi tasking, accelerate and optimize memory by killing background apps and it’s ads free.

Developer: 大陆刀客

Availability: Free on Google Play

Image Courtesy: Google Play


  1. The selected apps are nice but they are without download links and the apps that doesn’t need root must comes first