Women Should Video

This Powerful Video Demands You To Change Your Perception About Women

Every day we pick up the newspaper and there’s a story about an injustice that women are facing every day in our country. There are rapes happening, molestation being done to new-born babies, killings by ex-lovers and so much more.

India is currently a place where women are considered unsafe internationally due to the above stated pointers.

But, have you ever noticed what happens when we type ‘Women Should’ on Google?

Despite countless women achieving greatness in all walks of life, online search engines suggest a contrasting view.

Google only shows those suggestions that people around the world type regularly. Not only do these suggestions portray the mindset of men in general but an instant need for change in the world as a whole.

Bajaj Allianz Life has made a video with a vision of bringing about a change in the way online search engines depict women.

Here’s a video that’ll make you want to play a part in the change:-

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