Newspaper Publish Pakistan’s Supreme Court Verdict of ‘Samosa’ at Rs.6, Twitter Falls Laughing

Legal issues have never been something that everyone can raise their opinions on. It requires a certain level of education not only to understand the relevance of laws but the applicability needed to use it.

But, the recent judgement by Pakistan’s Supreme Court has caught everyone by sheer shock. Although, this shock is really funny; not in terms of the judgement so passed but more so with regard to on what the judgement was passed.

So, hold your breath. Here it goes. Pakistan’s apex court has passed the judgement on the price to be fixed for ‘Samosa’ in the region. Yes, now it is Pakistan Rupee 6.

This news first started making rounds on Twitter when it was tweeted by Tarek Fatah, known to give his views on Pakistani happenings. You can see the tweet here: –

As hilarious as the whole reporting reads like, Twitter surely gave even funnier reactions as the story.

The selected Twitter reactions regarding the whole incident are as follows: –

Never knew a day would arrive when legal battles will be fought for Samosa. Maybe, that’s the reason they say always expect the unexpected.

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