Logitech sub-micron sensor feat.

Logitech Made the World’s First Sub-Micron Level Mouse Sensor via an Update

Logitech sub-micron sensor feat.

As the Coronavirus-led pandemic has increased the sales of Logitech’s gaming equipment, the company is working further to improve its products for its existing customers. So, the company recently announced that it is upgrading the HERO sensor, which powers many of the company’s mice, to make it the “world’s first sub-micron level mouse sensor”.

The HERO 25K

The Swiss gaming peripheral-makers launched the HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor for its gaming mice back in 2016. Since then, the HERO sensor has set a new standard for optical sensors in the industry. And now, the company has changed the sensor’s name to HERO 25K and made it accurate than ever.

With this free upgrade from the company, the HERO sensor will be able to accurately track mouse movements at sub-micron level, i.e., 1 millionth of a meter.

“Without compromising on accuracy, this new sensor does this without the use of smoothing and without spurious motion, parasitic counts, making this one of the most accurate sensors on the market.”, reads the official announcement.

Now, this upgraded sensor essentially increases the higher DPi (dots per inch) limit of compatible mice (list below) from 16,000 to 25,600. At 25,600 DPi, we all know that the mouse pointer will go haywire with the slightest movements. And that is why it is not practical for any gamer to play games at that high DPi levels.

However, Logitech states that although sub-micron sensing is “mostly impractical” for the majority of gamers, “it reflects the performance potential of the HERO architecture and sensor performance”.

List of Compatible Mice

Now, keep in mind that the upgrade is not coming for all the mice in the company’s product portfolio. It is only compatible with those models that come with the company’s HERO sensor.

Here is the list of the compatible mice:

  • G903 HERO
  • PRO Wireless
  • G703 HERO
  • G604
  • G502 HERO
  • G403 HERO
  • PRO

So, existing customers with any mouse from the above list can get this upgrade right now, via a software update from the “Logitech G Hub” software.

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