indian spend Rs 2400 on phone repair feat.

Indian Smartphone Users Spend an Average of Rs. 2,400 On Out-of-Warranty Repairs: Study

indian spend Rs 2400 on phone repair feat.

India is a country where budget Android smartphone makers like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme dominate the market. Now, budget Android devices are all well and good until the software and hardware issues start to crop up, especially after the lapse of their warranties. As a result, a recent study discovered that we, Indians spend as much as Rs. 2,400 on out of warranty smartphone repairs, and they are pretty happy with the way it is.

Counterpoint Research recently conducted an extensive study in four major cities in India. The researchers essentially surveyed smartphone users visiting service centers to find the average amount spent on after-sales services of smartphones.

So, according to the study, an average smartphone user living in India visits a service center within 6 months of purchasing a new smartphone and spends around $32 (~Rs. 2,400) on out of warranty smartphone repairs. The researchers say that the most common issues faced by the users include software problems, hanging or lagging of the device, charging issues, and display issues. Moreover, the report suggests that 80% of these users are happy with the after-sales services that the companies provide for the devices.

After-Sales Services During the Pandemic

Now, due to the ongoing pandemic, such after-sales services have been affected quite a lot as all the physical stores are shut down. However, as per the report, online support and doorstep-delivery services by the smartphone companies have improved after-sales service quite a lot, despite the current crisis.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many after-sales service processes have been affected in India and abroad. Under these circumstances, leading brands have taken initiatives to digitize the service delivery process, reduce wait times, and maintain contactless delivery,” said Pavel Naiya, the Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research.

As a result, as per Naiya, two-thirds of the users visiting service centers recently have “received their smartphones within a day.” Moreover, half of the respondents told the researchers that all the required repair-parts and components were available at the stores.

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