6 Signs to Know If Your Phone Is Hacked

In Short
  • Unusual phone behavior, like slow performance or unexpected actions, can indicate that your device is hacked.
  • Rapid battery drain and increased data usage are also potential signs of a compromised phone.
  • Being locked out of your account or unknown pop-ups appearing on your device suggest that it has been infected by malware.

Your smartphone is quite vulnerable to getting hacked, given there are several security flaws that can be easily exploited. Hackers nowadays use advanced tactics and sophisticated methods, so even if your phone is compromised, you won’t even know. That’s not to say that there aren’t signs to know if your phone is hacked. In this read, we will go over these signs and discuss them briefly. On that note, let’s get started.

1. Drastic Shift in Phone’s Performance

Know if phone hacked - Performance

The first sign to know if your phone has been hacked is the sudden shift in performance. If your phone starts running slower than usual, and apps take a while to open or perform certain actions, you can be sure that it’s hacked. They might crash or run quite sluggishly, even though this was not the issue a few moments ago.

This happens because whatever script or app has been installed on your phone, is hogging up the necessary resources, leading other apps to run slow. If you feel that is the case, then immediately check your apps and uninstall the ones that you don’t remember installing.

2. Battery Drains Down Quickly

When someone hacks your phone, they typically install a script or an app that dries out other resources, causing your phone to act up. This also takes a toll on your phone’s battery. Since a hacked phone will be constantly communicating with the hacker, its battery will drain out sooner.

Battery Drainage

3. Increased Data Consumption

Know if phone hacked - increased data consumption

Let’s say you are out, haven’t texted anyone, or using social media, but your data plan is still exhausted. Given most apps and mobile services rely on the internet, this could happen due to a multitude of reasons.

If you suspect your device has been hacked, and your data plan has expired prematurely, it’s something to look into. We recommend that you contact your network provider and inquire regarding this problem.

4. A Hacked Phone Will Soon Start to Act Strange

Phone acting strange

While the things we have mentioned above are strange on their own, these things can be caused by other apps and services as well. But if you notice something truly suspicious like your phone making calls or texting to a number that you don’t recognize, apps automatically getting deleted, files or media missing or disappearing, your phone refusing to turn off, or not recognizing your biometrics then this could be a major cause for concern.

If you encounter any of these things, you should switch off your phone. Then take it to your nearest authorized service center to get some help.

5. Excessive Pop-up and Ads

This is quite an obvious one, but still something worth knowing about. Let’s say you recently downloaded an app or clicked on a link and started seeing a bunch of pop-ups and ads soon after. This is a sign that your phone is infected with malware and has probably been hacked.

Pop Ups and Ads on Smartphone

In this sort of attack, you will see repeated popups, and you won’t be able to close them. In this scenario, your best bet is to reset your device, which will also clear internal storage, leading to all your media files getting deleted.

6. Logged Out Of Your Accounts

This one is pretty serious. If you for any reason find yourself locked out of your account and can’t log back in even after entering the correct credentials, then it means your device is compromised. In such hacks, the infiltrator locks you out of your account, taking over your data and then using it later to blackmail you or sell it for nefarious purposes.

Logged Out of Account

In such cases, try to use two-factor authentication and then change your password immediately. Make sure to kick out any other system linked to your account while you’re at it.

These are the six ways that can give you a clear idea that someone has hacked your smartphone. There are more ways to know if your phone is hacked. But these signs will help you get a general understanding and are the things that you don’t usually expect to happen with your phone. Just make sure to always be careful with your device when outside and don’t use any open network Wi-Fi.

If you found this guide helpful then do let us know and if you have more suggestions for this article then do reach out to us.

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