hit the island iphone 14 pro

“Hit the Island” Game for Dynamic Island Now Available on iPhone 14 Pro

hit the island iphone 14 pro

iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island supports various functionalities like viewing notifications, ongoing call status, and more. Several third-party app developers are also coming up with ways to make the whole experience more interesting and this is where we have the new Dynamic Island game called Hit the Island, which was also teased earlier.

How to Play “Hit the Island” Dynamic Island Game

Developer Kriss Smolka recently teased the concept of a Dynamic Island game for the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. While it was said to be laggy, it seems like Smolka got rid of them and has now made the game live.

It is 7MB in size and is a free game. The game is based on the concept of brick breaker and is pretty simple to follow. You are simply required to Hit the Dynamic Island with the ball and whenever that happens, you will earn a score. To keep going on, just ensure the ball doesn’t fall off the paddle.

During the gameplay, when you have earned at least 5 points, the background will change color and eventually, the speed of the ball will increase. Moving ahead, there will be 2 balls and the paddle size will shrink too. The app has ads though! Here’s a look at the how the game works.

Hit the island game on iPhone 14 pro

The Hit the Island game is also available on the App Store and if you own the iPhone 13 or lower, you can still play it but to hit the notch! The game is a quite an interesting idea and can prove to be a great time-pass. Since it is the first Dynamic Island game, we can expect more such games to be introduced in the future. Plus, more intriguing concepts for Dynamic Island can also make their way.

If you own the new iPhone 14 Pro or the 14 Pro Max, do give this game a try and share your highest score with us in the comments below.

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