Peter McDermott, an early adopter of Google plus with 16345 people in his circle from all over the world, has created an interesting poll about what people like to see in their Stream on Google+.

He created poll on Google Docs under the title Google+ Post Preferences.

With Total twelve questions first six questions are about how users felt about certain things in their stream and the next six questions were not really generalized.

Here we have the result of survey as posted by McDermott in his Google plus post.

Do you like seeing animated GIF’s appear in your stream?

How often do you share a post that you like?
When you see someone else has commented on a post that you commented on, do you return to the post to read the comment?
Have you ever participated in a Google+ Hangout?

You can also participate in the poll and help improve the results of the survey. Click here to vote.