Skin cybertruck feat.

Cybertruck Owners Will Be Able to Wrap Their Trucks with Custom Skins

Skin cybertruck feat.

Back in November 2019, Elon Musk got on stage to unveil the most futuristic electric pick-up truck – the Cybertruck. It immediately became the talk of the town because of its geometric design and sharp edges. Now, as the truck comes with a stainless steel body, there aren’t any clour options for future owners. However, Elon Musk recently confirmed that owners can customise their Cybertruck with custom skins or wraps.

A Twitter user, Brandon Bernicky, recently replied to one of Musk’s tweets about a paint shop, asking if the Cybertruck will come in different colours or not. The Tesla CEO replied to him with a tweet confirming that owners can wrap their Cybertrucks in any colour or pattern.

Now, it is important to note that as the Cybertruck comes in a stainless-steel body, a custom paint job for it will be difficult. So, the one best way to customise the truck is to use skins or wraps. However, be ready to shed some cash, as wraps are pretty expensive compared to a paint job.

Not long after it’s unveiling, popular smartphone skin-maker, dbrand tweeted a picture of the Cybertruck wrapped in a red and black skin. The company said, “This is not a joke” and indeed it wasn’t. The tweet contained a link which leads to dbrand’s official site where you can get actual skins for the Cybertruck. The company is offering 36 skins with different patterns and they will cost the owner an additional amount of $3094 (~Rs 2,37,418).

As of this moment, it is unknown if the coloured or patterned wraps mentioned by Musk will come directly from Tesla or was he just referring to third-parties like dbrand, in his tweet. Nonetheless, it would be really cool to see a Camo skinned Cybertruck out in the wild!

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