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Scientists Have Developed Contact Lenses That Zoom in When You Blink Twice

contact lens

Have you ever wished to have the ability to zoom in with your eyes just like what we get when we switch to the telephoto lens on smartphone cameras? Your wishes may soon come true, thanks to some scientists from California.

According to a paper published in Advanced Functional Materials journal, scientists at the University of California have managed to develop a pair of contact lenses that have the ability to zoom in when you blink your eyes twice.

The paper explains the methodology adopted by scientists to develop this solution. The scientists measured the signals generated by eyes while it makes movements like looking in either direction, blinking, and so on. The lens has the capability to detect and respond to the electric impulses generated by human eyes. This is achieved by synchronizing the movements with dielectric elastomer (DE) films used in the contact lens.

The system developed in the current study has the potential to be used in visual prostheses, adjustable glasses, and remotely operated robotics in the future. In addition, because of the biomimetic features of the system, it can also be used as a physical model for visualizing physiological principles, which is important in biology and medicine.”, said the scientists in the paper.

If all these sound science-fiction to you, you’re not alone. Initially, I was feeling skeptical of the actual usability and reliability of these pairs of contact lenses as there are a lot of chances for accidentally triggering the lens.‌‌ That is when I realized that this is not ready to be a commercial product. Rather, the intention of scientists for developing these lenses now is to push the vision technology to the next level which will help future studies and researches for the betterment of contact lenses in general.

So, will you consider buying one of these lenses if they’re available to buy? Tell us in the comments.

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