Your Single Selfie Can Educate 10 Girls. Just use #Selfies4School

Education has and always will play an integral role in shaping anyone’s future. A person without any education will always be engulfed in darkness; unsure as to how his/her life may turn out.

India, although globally is regarded as a powerhouse when it comes to the number of people opting for higher education, but still a lot of conservative groups prevalent in the country are of the opinion that girl education won’t help anyone.

Even though women all around the world have made sure that for them nothing is unachievable, still the age old traditions like child marriage, dowry and illiteracy among Indian women are still existent.

Trying to tap into this age old problem and bring about a change in the society, the #Selfies4School campaign is nothing short of fresh air.

Here’s what the campaign is all about:-

  • #Selfies4School is an initiative taken by NGO Breakthrough and Vodafone Foundation which is funding the whole campaign.
  • For every selfie that you take of yourself along with a message with #Selfies4School in it, 10 girls will be sent to school.
  • The campaign is quite prevalent on Twitter as well as Facebook.
  • Till now the campaign has been scheduled in three cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • The foundation has received 5800 selfies. Hence, will be sending 58,000 girls to school.

Celebrity actor John Abraham has supported the innovative campaign. In a statement made by Breakthrough’s vice president and country director, Sonali Khan said,

“Gender disparity continues to remain a significant barrier to education in our country. Without proper education, thousands of girls suffer from extremely low literacy rates, poor health outcomes and alarming rates of child marriage”.

Here are a few #Selfies4School contributions made by the common people of India:-

It is a magnificent campaign that targets the youth of the country in making sure that they make a difference.

Difference shouldn’t just be restricted to voting in the elections; it is somewhere close to helping campaigns like these. Let’s take a selfie this time with #Selfies4School and make the lives of those uneducated girls a bit more prosperous. You know it doesn’t cost you anything.

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