BGMI Introduces OTP Authentication for Minors to Play Responsibly


When Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI became official, Krafton ensured it came with safety features to ensure that PUBG Mobile’s mistakes aren’t repeated a second time. To put things into perspective, this was for users to play the game more responsibly. Taking this initiative forward, BGMI has now introduced an OTP authentication feature and more meant for minors.

BGMI Introduces “Game Responsible” Campaign

A new BGMI campaign called Game Responsibly has now kicked off, which wants players to maintain a healthy gaming habit. With this, minors (players under 18) will have to register a parent or a guardian for OTP authentication. The OTP (one time password) will be sent to the parent’s mobile number, and if they approve of the gaming request, then only can minors start playing BGMI. This is for every gaming session and not a one time authentication.

This is in addition to the gaming time limit, which is also meant for minors. When a minor starts playing the game, a timer will start in the background, which will prevent the player from playing BGMI for more than 3 hours.

The battle royale game also comes with Breaktime reminders. It is another way of telling players to not play for long hours. When a player does so, a notification to take a break pops up.

In addition, BGMI also has a limit on in-app purchases. Users can only spend up to a maximum of Rs 7,000 per day. This has been introduced to curb over-spending. To recall, when PUBG Mobile India was around, reports of people resorting to stealing were making the rounds. After the cases of crime and a possible privacy threat, it was banned in India last year.

There is also a virtual world reminder, which at the beginning of the game, tells people that the game is based in a virtual world and should not be treated as real. What are your thoughts on BGMI’s new parental control and safety features? Do you think they are a good initiative? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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