BGMI v1.6 Update Will Add a New Flora Menace Mode, New Guns in Arena Mode, and More

BGMI v1.6 Update Will Add a New Flora Menace Mode, New Guns in Arena Mode, and More

After adding the new Mission Ignition mode, a new MG3 gun, and several other new elements with the July update, Krafton is now gearing up to add more new features to its uber-popular mobile title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The developer recently announced that a new v1.6 update will see the addition of a new Flora Menace game mode, new guns for the Arena mode, and a few significant quality-of-life changes in BGMI. So, let’s take a look at what’s in store for us.

Flora Menace Mode

Starting with the new Flora Menace Mode, Krafton says that the new mode will be “all about surviving the invasion.” It will be available on Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik in BGMI and will allow players to fight robots in spaceships floating in the sky. Moreover, there will be a number of “mysterious plants named Yarilo” spread across the maps. These will help players regain their HP (health points) in times of crisis.

New Guns for Arena Mode and Other Changes

Other than the new mode, the upcoming update will also add three new guns to the Arena mode in BGMI. These include an assault rifle named FAMAS, a new P1911 pistol, and a new MK12 attack rifle.

The update will also see the addition of a new Capture Highlights Moments feature that will enable players to automatically screen record some of their wow moments in the game. However, enabling this feature might affect the performance and smoothness of the title.

Apart from these, the update will also bring a few quality-of-life changes to improve the in-game experience. For instance, Krafton states that it has added a new “show route” option in the mini-map to better track enemies. Moreover, the company has adjusted the scope pace to make it faster in-game. This will let players scope in at a much faster rate than before. Plus, Krafton has improved the durability of the UAZ and the Bus with this update.

So, these are some of the most important changes and features that are coming to BGMI with the version 1.6 update. Although Krafton has not yet announced when it will be released for players in India, we can expect it to roll out in the coming days. You can download BGMI for Android and iOS from the corresponding links.

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