Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 Unveiled

Apple Watch Series 9 Announced

Apple has released the Apple Watch Ultra 2 as well as the Apple Watch Series 9 at their annual September 2023 iPhone event. The new Apple smartwatches come with several improvements over their predecessors, including the new S9 chip and run watchOS 10 to be available for all on September 18. Here are all the details to know.

Apple Watch Series 9: Specs and Features

Apple Watch Series 9 brings a newer, dramatically faster S9 chip, which results in a 30% faster GPU department as compared to the predecessor, the Watch Series 8. The animations (transitions) are much smoother because of this.

Apple suggests the S9 chip lets them do all sorts of new things that are quite new to how you can use the Apple Watch Series 9. NameDrop is supported on the Apple Watch Series 9, and you can read about how it works on iPhones. The most exciting new feature is the Double Tap gesture. The Apple Watch Series 9 uses its gyroscope and accelerometer to read your finger movements. With the gesture of joining the thumb and the index finger together, you can initiate actions on the Apple Watch by not even touching it.

We saw the Apple Watch Series 9 in the demonstration being used to pick up an incoming call, end an ongoing call, initiate and control timers, stop alarms, scroll through windows, resume the ongoing movie on the Apple TV, and more. This new feature is pretty amazing and quite convenient to use during everyday life.

The new Apple Watch Series 9 has a second-gen UWB chip. Finding your iPhone through the Apple Watch Series 9 gets much better as you can see the direction where your iPhone is and vibration patterns indicate when you’re closer to it. Existing features like Siri, the battery life, and the display all got better too. It can now go up to 2000 nits brightness, bringing superior outside viewability in outdoor situations. Its display can also go down to 1 nit.

Siri now processes every request on the device itself. The watch is expected to provide up to 18 hours of battery life. Apple also announced that their new Apple Watch bands are carbon neutral. There is a new Sport Loop and also new Nike and Hermès bands. These are made with part recycled materials, and many of the new bands are carbon neutral. Certain products of Apple will come with a new ‘Carbon neutral’ logo, signifying the tech product you purchase is environmentally friendly.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Specs and Features

The Apple Watch Ultra (2nd-gen) also has the new S9 chip. It also comes with the same Double Tap feature, so you can initiate convenient actions. The Apple Watch Ultra (2nd-gen) can last up to 36 hours. With the low-power setting, Apple claimed that the Watch Ultra 2 can last up to 72 hours.

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 features an expanded altitude range, now up to 9000 meters. The display is the brightest yet on an Apple Watch, up to 3000 nits. It can now pair with more Bluetooth-based cycling accessories to measure aspects of your activities such as cadence, speed, and power. Live activities are displayed on iPhones.

Just like the previous Apple Watch Ultra, this new second generation also sports a MIL-STD-810H rating. By the way, it has a water resistance rating of WR100, meaning it can go 100 meters deep in water. It’s perfect for those who wish to take their Apple Watch Ultra through all their life’s adventures.

The 2nd-generation Apple Watch Ultra has a mappable action button. There is a larger side button & digital crown too, as compared to other variants. The bands of the Apple Watch Ultra (2nd-gen) are designed for intense outdoor activities. Band options include the Trail Loop (for runners & athletes), Alpine Loop (has a high-strength yarn), and the Ocean Band (suited for diving).

Price and Availability

The Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $399 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is priced at $799. You can now pre-order it from the Apple Store here. The release date for the Series 9 Apple Watch is September 22.

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