apple hidratespark pro water bottle launched

After a Polishing Cloth, Apple Is Now Selling Smart Water Bottles Costing over Rs 6,000

apple hidratespark pro water bottle launched

Apple accessories are often exorbitantly priced, but no one thought of a polishing cloth that would cost around Rs 1,900. Joining the list of expensive Apple products, we now have ourselves the HidrateSpark smart water bottle, which will cost the user more than Rs 6,000. Quite expensive for a water bottle, right? Let’s see what smart features it possesses.

Apple Has a Smart Water Bottle for You!

Apple has listed two HidrateSpark water bottles on its website in the US. While one comes with a Tritan plastic build, the other one has a stainless-steel body. Both of them come with Apple Health integration, allowing you to record every sip of water and see the data on the Apple Health app.

apple hidratespark pro steel water bottle

The HidrateSpark Pro Steel is vacuum-insulated that can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. Now, this will help you well in summer! It has both chug and straw lids and a rechargeable battery that supports fast charging. The water bottle also has an LED puck at the bottom part, which will light up to remind you to drink water. It can be customized in different colors and patterns. The bottle weighs 32 ounces (~910 grams) and has Black and Silver color options.

All this can be tracked via the HidrateSpark App (and Bluetooth, of course!), which can sync your Apple Health data too. This is a free app. This functionality is also available with the HidrateSpark Pro Titran water bottle. Although, it isn’t vacuum-insulated.

apple hidratespark pro titran water bottle

That said, the Titran variant of the smart water bottle comes with a shatterproof, odor-free, and lightweight design. It features the same chug/ straw lids and the LED smart sensor puck. It comes in Black and Green colors.

Apple has listed the HidrateSpark Pro Steel for $79.95, which roughly translates to Rs 6,100. The HidrateSpark Pro Titran is priced at $59.50, which translates to Rs 4,500. Both of them are still expensive for a bottle when you can easily track your water intake using a smartwatch or any health app.

It is currently available in the US as of now and there’s no word on its availability in any other region. So, will buy yourself a smart water bottle that costs over Rs 6,000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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