google apple coronavirus apps

Apple and Google Release Sample UI and Guidelines for Contact Tracing Apps

google apple coronavirus apps

After releasing the early versions of exposure notification API to developers last week, Apple and Google have shared guidelines and released sample user interface designs that developers working on authorized contact tracing apps can use to better implement the API.

The images show various elements of the app, including the onboarding process, notification settings, and the interface when the app detects a positive result. Take a look at the images below.

Alongside the images, both of the companies have shared sample code intended for developers to ensure that user privacy is not compromised. If you are interested, you may take a look at the sample code released by Google on GitHub.

To use the Exposure Notification API, app developers should follow certain guidelines proposed by the tech giants. These include: the use of the API by government public health authorities, asking consent of the user before accessing the API, and sharing positive test results with public health authorities.

The contact tracing apps making use of the API must collect the bare-minimum information required for making the detection possible and its usage should only be limited to coronavirus response.

Also, both the companies say contact tracing apps must not access or even seek permission to Location Services. Existing apps from public health authorities that use location permission will not be given access to the new API.

In addition, the companies have restricted the access of API to one app per country, as a step to reduce fragmentation. However, countries handling the crisis with state-based strategies would be offered support.

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