android 4.4 kitkat

Android 4.4 KitKat new Features

android 4.4 kitkat

Google unveiled its latest version of one of the most popular smartphone operating system, Android 4.4 also called KitKat. At the first look Android 4.4 looks clean with more translucency, bigger and high-resolution icons, a few more settings and even deeper integration with Google services and many user interface tweaks resembling it with the Apple approach in IOS. But it is only half part of the story. A lot has been changed on the software stack and hardware level adding more power efficiency, memory management, a few more developer option and support to new hardware. Lets see what Google has changed in Android 4.4 KitKat.

1. Caller ID  look up from Google Maps

Android 4.4 Kitkat can automatically look up for phone number when you receive a call from unknown phone number.

2. Hangout integration for messaging

Hangout is now able to handle all your SMS, MMS and hangout conversations.

3. Emoji on Google Keyboard

Emoji ( japanese version of emoticons) is now available across every app.

4. Immersive mode for apps

Developers can now hide status bar and navigation buttons to take full advantage of the display, this feels great while playing games, watching movies or reading ebooks.

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5. Cloud print integration

Now you can print documents from any part of the world using internet by using Google cloud print, or any printers that have apps on Google Play store.

6. Quickoffice for office work

Android 4.4 comes preloaded with Quickoffice that allows you to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations

7. Inbuilt Device Manager

Remotely find or wipe device if you lose it.

8. App drawer and status bar redesign

Status bar is now transparent and app drawer now does not have icon for Google play, downloaded app gives sorting and list and grid option for all downloaded files.

9.Switch Home launcher easily

Settings has home option to select the default launcher.

10. Closed captioning and subtitles

You can turn on captions from accessibility.

11. Chromecast support

With Chromecast and android device, you can enjoy multimedia content on HDTV.

12. Bluetooth MAP, HID support

Bluetooth Message Access profile allows Bluetooth enabled car to exchange message with device, Bluetooth HID over GATT provides a low-latency link to other low-powered devices. LE allows less drain of battery.

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13. Infrared blasting support

You can use your device as remote control for TV and other IR capable devices.

14. HDR+ mode in stock camera app

Camera takes rapid burst of shots and combines them to give the best shot.

15.Location modes

Settings for location allows you select the best mode for device. You can check apps that use your location.

16. Sandboxes

Android 4.4 is even more secure against vulnerable threats.

17. Payment option in settings

Tap to pay with Google wallet or apps using NFC .

18. Improved touch capability

Device responds faster than ever before

19. Low power audio playback

This option helps save battery and last longer while playing your favorite music track or movie etc.

20. Inbuilt pedometer

Device is now power efficient to measure the steps you walk using apps like moves.

21. Music or video seeking from lock screen

Long press play or pause button on lock screen to seek.

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22. Scene transition and screen recording for developers

Now developers can choose the different type of transition between scenes using new transition framework. Developers can also create high quality video using screen recording utility.

23. Storage access framework

Users can open document or file in app from any cloud storage provider without any hassle.

Image courtesy: techdroid

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