American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages [Video]

I found this video when I was browsing Reddit. At first, It seemed nice to me but not extraordinary but when i went through the comments on the Post, everyone was stunned by the fluency of this guy in every language he is using in the video.

Being an Indian, I was interested in, how well he speaks Hindi? I was stunned as well.

Languages practiced by him in the video (in chronological order): English, French, Hausa, Wolof, Russian, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Dutch, Xhosa, Swahili, Hindi, Ojibwe.

The most surprising fact is that he is just 16 years old and at this age knowing 20 different languages (perfectly) is a big deal.

Here’s the video, Enjoy!

I know 4 languages only. How many Languages are you fluent in?

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