5 Species of Twitter Users Based on Their Behavior

When i started using Twitter a year ago my first reaction was, “Where’s the chat box?” and after figuring out that we can’t chat on Twitter the way we do on Facebook my second reaction never came, i just signed out.

I hated it when i used it for the first time, but after some time when i started using it regularly and started interacting with people, i started enjoying and a time came when my first tab of the browser was dedicated to Twitter.

Now i am over the addiction, i do use Twitter but not that aggressively.

Twitter is used by millions of people across the globe but all Twitter users are off-springs of 5 Species.

I categorized Twitter users on the basis of their behavior on the website, these categories are also supported by a recent study which categorizes tweets on the basis of their content.

Twitter users species

Here’s 5 Species of Twitter users,

1.  Pointless babble Species

This is the fastest growing species in Twitterverse, Almost all the users at some point or other pointlessly tweet about something which is normal on Twitter but this species does that only, they tweet about almost everything that doesn’t really matter to their followers.

2.  Conversational Species

I have seen some people who i follow tweet a lot but their tweets don’t land on my timeline, when i visited their profile i found out that they are indulged in a never ending conversation thread and i should not disturb them.

If a conversation is turning out to be a long one, why don’t this species move on to chat box and choose a faster way of communication.

3.  Blogging Species

They don’t care what is going on, what is today’s twitter trends, what people are tweeting about, all they care is about their tweet loaded with the links of their blog posts.

They hate conversations but love RTs, they follow people with a strong hope of getting a follow back. They are not mean, they are  like that only. 😛

4.  Humorous Species

They spread humor in just 140 characters, being creative in every next tweet and to make people laugh is not an easy task and as a result of their creativity they gain followers in less time as compared to other species.

I follow a lot of users from this species, they make me laugh every time i log in to my Twitter account.

5.  Spam Species

They are the dumbest species of all, first of all they don’t change their default profile picture which is the first sign that the user is from Spamming family.

Secondly, They mention us in their tweets to make sure that we’ll click on the link that they have shared with us but most of the times they don’t write anything to support their spam, which makes it obvious that it is a spam.

Which species do you belong to ?

P.S. If you’d like to get featured on thetecnica, comment below with a Twitter species that you think can be shortlisted for the upcoming post about some more Twitter species.

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