Xiaomi new power bank with power outlet

Xiaomi’s New Power Bank Even Has a Power Outlet To Connect Electronic Appliances

Xiaomi new power bank with power outlet

Xiaomi is well-known for making some affordable and feature-packed power banks, but I guess no one saw this coming. The company added wireless charging to its power bank earlier this year, but it has now packed a power outlet into its newest power bank.

Yeah, you read that right. Xiaomi’s accessory is a souped-up power bank that not only enables you to juice up your smartphone or laptop, but also carries a power outlet to plug in electronic appliances on the move or maybe when there’s a power cut (it’s surely a reasonable use-case in India). It even includes charger pins, so you can simply plug it into a power outlet and connect many devices to this charger-cum-power-bank-cum-outlet.

Say, you plug this accessory into the power outlet and power bank is charging. You can connect and charge phones or accessories via the USB ports onboard. And the socket in tow can be used to connect maybe your laptop or monitor when you’re out and about in another city or town.

Talking about the specifications, the accessory has a brushed metal finish with LED indicators at the top to show you the charge left in the 5,000mAh power bank. You get one USB Type-C port with 18W fast-charging support, two USB-A ports and well, a 2-pin wall charger in tow.

Xiaomi has baked in protections against electric shocks and power surges, which is really important now that the accessory is a three-in-one product. It has been priced at 159 yuan (around Rs. 1,600) and is available only in China right now. But, I would love to see Xiaomi launch this in India as well.

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