Why Google Adsense Is Not Liable ?

Google’s 97% revenue comes from Advertisement but the liability of Google Adsense may not seem satisfactory. Although there was no violation of rules which Google has been set up for the Adsense.

But, Google Adsense has bunches of complaints which are still unsolved. It seems that Google being a multinational company is not taking this kind of problem seriously.

Google claim to have its own set of rules and regulations for Adsense which by hook and crook remain unclear to some of its users.

One reason found out is consistently clicking on adds by some insane on others blogs’ or sites’. If somehow owner is unable to get it, it’s the foremost duty of Google to inform the owner before taking such harsh action of removing ad from owner’s blog/site.

We have been using Adsense from past one month and we never tried for forced clicks on the advertisement but it was shocking when Google Adsense disabled our account with an email as shown:

Why Google Adsense Is Not Liable ?

They don’t accept reply to email they sent, all we could do is fill up an Appeal Form in which there are very less or no chances of solving this issue. We got screwed up by this non sense and move on to some other provider.

If Google do not stop this, one can always have alternatives but it is unjust to put the Ads off from those bloggers who had been using Adsense from a long time but could not keep it continue further.

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