Twitter Survey Hints at an ‘Undo Send’ Button in Subscription Model

Twitter now lets you post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Twitter officially confirmed its plans to experiment with a subscription model earlier in July. In an effort to find relevant features users would be willing to pay, the company is sending out surveys urging participants to pick the most appealing ones and it seems that Twitter may be considering an Undo Send button in the subscription.

Users who received the survey took to Twitter to share them, and the most noteworthy potential feature is an ‘Undo Send’ button that would let users recall a tweet within 30 seconds. While this won’t be exactly the same as the Edit button that users have been asking for years, it would help people fix typos and serve the purpose without compromising the essence of the platform.

Another feature in Twitter’s feature list is custom colors. As the name hints, you will get additional color options and improved theme customization with this. To be specific, the feature would let you change the fonts and theme colors including background color, links, mentions, hashtags, and icons.

Twitter may let paid users publish videos that are up to 5 times longer than the current limit. These videos will have a maximum 8192 x 8192 resolution. The social media platform is also considering the possibility of adding a badge to your profile. Such badges will link your businesses or portfolio.

As you might have already guessed, Twitter is indeed planning to remove ads as part of its paid model. For now, the company has not decided if it would let subscribers view fewer ads or no ads at all.

Twitter may also add access to educational training classes including live, pre-recorded, and written ones. Also, the company may add a LinkedIn-like option to show users they’re open to recruits and posting job offers.

Other features the company may potentially add include auto-responses – predefine a set of replies for faster access, social listening – insights about your account, insights into other accounts, custom stickers & emojis, and brand surveys – the ability to run surveys to better understand the audience.

VIA TechCrunch
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