On Facebook and WhatsApp, If the recipient opens your message, you get to know instantly but it’s not the same with emails. Most of the times, we never know if the email that we have sent has been opened or not? We only get to know when we receive a reply from the recipient’s end, otherwise not.

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But, if you are using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook and If you will follow the simple tips that I am sharing in this post, you can easily know if your sent email has been opened or not. Let me guide you through the tips.

Track Email Opens and Clicks using Bananatag Extension

Bananatag is a very easy to use tool (browser extension) that lets you know if your sent email has been opened or not. If the sent email contains a link, It also lets you know whether the link has been clicked or not.

Here’s how to use it for Gmail

  • Sign up for free account, follow this link.
  • Install browser extension (supports Firefox and Chrome), link.
  • And that’s it, you can start tracking sent emails.

Here’s how it looks like in the Gmail,

banatag gmail snapshot

If you don’t want to track any email, just remove the tick from track email option as shown in the snapshot above.

And If you are tracking the email, once the email is opened or clicked, you will see an instant notification in your inbox like the one shown in screenshot below,

bananatag emial notification screenshot

Apart from that, If you are logged in the dashboard, you can also see the complete history of your sent emails, open rate, click rate of the link contained in the email, browser from which the email is opened and the country from where the recipient operates.

Here’s the snapshot of how the dashboard looks like,

bananatag screenshot

Apart from Gmail, you can also use Bananatag for Microsoft Outook following the same procedure.

Plans: Track up to 5 emails a day for free and if you want to uplift the limit you can go with paid plans starting from 5 USD a month that lets you track up to 100 emails a day.

If you have any query, feel free to ask in comments below the post.


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