Top 5 Commencement Speeches of 2012 (Videos)

At this time of year, class of 2012 will be graduating from college and will be getting commencement speeches from iconic and inspiring personalities from around the world, which is a perfect way to end college and start a brand new journey of life.

This year we are going to make it more special for class of 2012 by presenting them with Top 5 commencement speeches of 2012, which were given by renowned personalities in most prestigious colleges across the globe.

1. Andy Samberg’s speech at Harvard

2.  Smith College 2012 Commencement Speech by Jane Lynch

3.  Aaron Sorkin’s Commencement Speech

4.  Sheryl Sandberg Addresses the Class of 2012

5.   President Obama’s Commencement Speech at Barnard College

Let us know in comments which one you liked the most and why?

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  1. this is indeed a nice article! just because of the length of the videos, top 3 could have been chosen but not a problem sharing 5, I can watch them at my convenience 🙂

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