If you have ever used Medium, you would have noticed the read-time estimation visible on top of blog posts. I am so used to that feature as it helps me decide whether to read an article right at the moment or to save it for later. Today, I came across a similar Chrome extension for Gmail offered by a company named Summarly that shows the estimated time for reading emails.

“Email reading time for Gmail” is a Chrome extension that displays the estimated time required for reading an email in your Gmail mailbox along with the number of words present in the mail.

As you can see in the above image, the extension creates a line below the email’s subject to show the details. This straightforward implementation helps users to quickly notice the estimates without spending much time reading initial paragraphs to know what to expect from the mail.

In addition to this, the extension offers you to add the estimated time and number of words along with your email’s subject while you’re composing a new email so that recipients who don’t use the extension can get benefitted from the service. Impressive, isn’t it?

To add the estimated time and word count to your mail’s subject, simply click on the book icon that is present next to the Send button. Take a look at the below image for better understanding.

I bet this extension would help the recipient prioritize your email by this simple, yet intuitive gesture. Check out the extension from the below link and share your experience after using it in the comments.

Download Email reading time for Gmail