The Story of A Blogger’s Life in 15 GIFs

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In this post, we have tried to portray the story of a professional blogger’s life with the help of (hilarious) GIFs. We’ve all faced at least one of these encounters…how many of you have experienced all 15?

1. When you start a new blog.

1 - Blogger's Life in GIFs

2. When you find out that ranking in Google search results for a new blog is not that easy.


3. When you find that authority blog ranks well for a keyword even though their post is old and lacks quality.

3. When you find that authority blog ranks well for a keyword even though their post is old and lacks quality.

4. When you see established bloggers monthly income reports.

On the Outside-

Well done

On the Inside-



5. When you do back to back comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs to build links.


6. When a higher authority website links back to your blog.

When higher authority website links back to your blog

7. When your blog posts starts ranking in Google.


8. When someone spams your comments section.

When someone spam on your blog in comments section

9. When you get the “I want to advertise on your blog” email.


10.  When Matt cuts tweets that next week there will be an update in Google’s search algorithm.


11. When that update happens and your blog starts losing traffic.


12. When suddenly one of your blog post goes viral on social media.


13. When you get an email from a reader saying he loves your blog.


14. When someone asks you about your profession.


15. And here’s how people imagine the life of a blogger (which isn’t true obviously).

Pro Blogging

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  • Hamza Khalil says:

    Lol true that

  • Rifat says:

    Interesting blog.It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  • StevenAndrewJ says:

    This about sums it up, that’s for sure!

  • sehar7atbest says:

    Fan Tastyc post (fantastic)…really lively and close to facts..

  • HamzaButt says:

    One of the best posts I have ever seen on the Internet. Great concept! Keep them coming buddy!

  • DilipYadav says:

    this is the best post i came along a long time!
    dude u are genius….
    i shared it and you need point no 12.
    best of luck..

  • MusthafaUllal says:

    It’s time for the 13th feeling for you,as I am going to say that this is awesome, especially “when someone ask you about your profession,” I face this every day!

  • HafisK says:

    Gud one 😀

  • Manendra says:

    Awesome nice collections.. Like the expression in Point 10.

  • saurabhdang89 says:

    amazing post …..
    For more detail go to point 13

  • RyanKBiddulph says:

    Hahaha Dev, and the last one was me for a while,  until I woke up to networking hahaha…..thanks dude!

  • AsifIqbalShaik says:

    Loved the post! Summed up everything pretty much accurately.

  • AbhayPratapSingh says:

    Really amazing. Specially point 13 and 14.

  • smashinghow says:

    Really great.. The 14th expression is looking like original.

  • xfer says:

    Really a great collection. The last one is really true.

  • kulwantnagi says:

    ha ha.. EPIC one.. I cannot stop laughing…

  • Mimuba says:

    Hi Devinder
    Wonderful post with awesome description of facts in terse, simple and unforgettable ways. This is the uniqueness of blogging. You just need to be creative and you can put new life in a dead soul. All you said here has already been said thousands of times but the way you narrated here seems to be quite new, unique and worth remembering forever. Thanks for doing hard work to make it a shareable post.

  • sandy018 says:

    hahaha made my day 😀

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