Snapchat’s Upcoming AI Feature Adds Dreamy Backgrounds to Your Boring Selfies

Snapchat working on a new generative AI feature dubbed Dreams

Snapchat’s history with generative AI has been quite an eventful road. Since its inception day, My AI chatbot has been marred with controversies and negative user experiences. Although the chatbot has gained severe momentum among the platform’s users, it is not without its quirks. Just last week, the AI chatbot posted an eerie story that made users think it has gone sentient. And now, in the latest turn of events, it looks like Snapchat is nowhere close to stopping with its AI ambitions. Continue reading to learn more about this.

Snapchat Working on ‘Dreams’

App researcher and developer Steve Moser has revealed in his The Tape Drive newsletter that Snapchat is working on a new generative AI feature dubbed ‘Dreams’. According to him, this feature will enable you to upload your selfies on the platform, and based on the input image, the Dreams AI will generate AI images with you in imaginative scenarios.

Snapchat Dreams, in its barebone functionality, will act as any other AI image generator available on the Google Play Store and App Store. However, unlike other seemingly boring, Dreams will instead place AI-generated selfies in “fantastical places and scenarios.”

For the feature to work properly, Moser states that you will need to upload clear selfies on the platform. Your photos cannot contain any form of obstruction or any other person in it. The AI will give you specific instructions to help you click selfies in different angles and lighting conditions. And that’s not it! Your friends will be able to join in on the party too via the Dreams with Friends feature.

As of now, it appears that Dreams will be a Snapchat+ exclusive feature. To experience it, you will need to purchase Dream Packs on Snapchat. It is not yet know when Snapchat is planning to launch the Dreams feature. So, stay tuned with us to know the latest updates on Snapchat Dreams. In the meantime, comment down your thoughts on this upcoming generative AI feature from Snapchat below.

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