SmallishBeans and Skizzleman Join Hermitcraft in Season 10

Skizzleman and SmallishBeans and the new official Hermitcraft season 10 logo
In Short
  • SmallishBeans and Skizzleman are the new Hermitcraft season 10 members.
  • SmallishBeans is a builder primarily that took part in various series including the Life series.
  • Skizzleman also took part in various co-op series and has a podcast channel with impulseSV.

It finally happened, the new Hermitcraft season 10 has started, and it has revealed two brand-new members. As you can see from this article’s title, those are SmallishBeans and Skizzleman. We’ll be covering who these content creators are and what the twist is with Hermitcraft season 10.

Who are SmallishBeans and Skizzleman?

Image Courtesy: YouTube/xisumavoid & YouTube/iskall85

If you follow Grian, one of the most popular Hermitcraft members you probably know who these new season 10 members are. SmallishBeans (or Joel) is primarily a builder and has created many unbelievable builds across various worlds, including SMPs and single-player ones, like the current hardcore world he has.

Joel was also part of many “Life” series Grian has hosted. From Third and Last Life all the way to Secret Life. You can check out his YouTube channel here.

Skizzleman, similar to Joel, is a Minecraft content creator for a very long time. He’s also been a part of various co-op series, including the Life series, “Guess That Build” and more. Skizz is good friends with impulseSV, one of the Hermitcraft long-time members.

Together, they have a podcast channel where they interview Minecraft content creators and talk about life in general. Feel free to check out Skizzleman’s YouTube channel here.

Hermitcraft Season 10 Twist

This Hermitcraft season started like all other seasons typically do. But, there has also been a major announcement. Grian said that if anyone dies, they will be joining the “dead” team. Those members will have a red name and will become a reaper temporarily. Their job is to kill someone who hasn’t died yet.

Once the reaper fulfills their job, they will join the dead team and rest easy, says Grian. The last person alive will receive an important mystery gift that all the members are aware of, but we as the audience will have to wait to find out.

The kills must be creative and not just a plain old sword attack. This seems like something out of a Life series, and it will definitely be entertaining to watch.

So, there you go. Now, you know who is joining Hermitcraft in Season 10 as new members and the exciting new announcement. So, what are your thoughts on this turn of events? How excited are you for this season? Tell us in the comments below!

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