These Super-Shiny, Luxurious PS5 Consoles Cost a Fortune And Aren’t Out of Stock

luxury PS5 editions

After years of hard work, Sony finally released its next-gen PlayStation 5 console earlier this year. Now, a third-party British manufacturer is selling ultra-luxury versions of the gaming console made with premium materials for some pretty big bucks.

TrulyExquisite is a company based out of the UK that sells luxury versions of electronic devices like iPhones, iPads, and even electric cars. So, following the launch of Sony’s latest PlayStation 5, the company recently released luxury versions of the console.

Luxury PlayStation 5 Consoles

There are three premium versions for both the digital and CD-only models of the PS5. There is a 24K Gold edition, an 18K Rose Gold version, and an ultra-premium Platinum edition. All of these models look super shiny and make the regular PS5 look pretty boring.

Now, apart from the physical design, these models feature the same spec as a regular PS5. However, that is not at all an issue as the next-gen PlayStation has been praised a lot for its advanced tech and high-end performance.

Along with the luxury PS5 consoles, TrulyExquisite also released premium versions of the PS5 accessories like the high-tech DualSense controller and the Pulse headset.

luxury PS5 editions accessories

Like the customized consoles, the accessories also come in three finishes – the 24K Gold, the 18K Rose Gold, and the silvery Platinum finish. While the luxury DualSense controller is still available on the official website, the Pulse headset has been sold out.

Price and Availability

Now, as you can guess, these luxury consoles and accessories are not at all affordable for middle-class consumers (like myself). The luxury editions of the digital PS5 consoles range from $10,851 (~Rs 7,97,790) for the 24K Gold edition to $11,128 (~Rs 8,18,156) for the Platinum edition. On the other hand, the CD-only versions start from $10,992 (~Rs 8,08,157) for the gold and go up to $11,263 (~Rs 8,28,081) for the platinum one.

The company says that it will make 250 models for each version and “once they are gone they are gone.” So, if you are a fan of luxury electronic devices and know that your wife won’t make you sell your PS5, you can order one of these from TrulyExquisite’s official website.

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