An Interactive Online Crossword On Tech-Biz Trivia, Solve It

We all have that ego in us for something we are good at, right?

If you think that you are a Hardcore GEEK inside, you are good with your tech knowledge, you know stuff about silicon valley that others might not be aware of, here’s the chance to prove it.

An Interactive Online Crossword based on social media and Tech trivia have been uploaded here.

tech biz interactive crossword
Click to start solving crossword

Try it out ! (Keep Google out of this business)

There are 10 questions in this crossword.  Here’s the expected outcomes.

1.    Respect, You are a Hardcore Geek., If you have solved all 10 questions on your own.

2.   Congratulations, You are a Geek, If you have solved more than 8 questions on your own.

3.   Well done, You are on your way to become a Geek, If you have solved 5 to 7 questions on your own.

If you doesn’t belong to any of those categories mentioned above, don’t worry, prepare well for the next week, we’ll be coming back with a brand new Interactive Online Crossword, till then chaos!

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