New Windows 10 Setup Screen Asks If You Use the PC for Work, School or Gaming

New Windows 10 Setup Screen Asks If You Use the PC for Work, School or Gaming

Microsoft is planning to help users customize their Windows 10 experience based on their usage right off the bat. It is now testing a new Setup screen (shown above) with Windows Insider to know whether a user will be using a PC for business, gaming, or entertainment among other things.

This new setup screen is being rolled out with the latest Windows 10 Insider preview build 20231 available in the Dev channel. As you can see in the screenshot above, you are offered six options – gaming, family, creativity, schoolwork, entertainment, and business. You can select more than one usage pattern if you will use your PC for, say both for gaming and video editing.

Once Microsoft has a better understanding of how you plan to use your Windows 10 PC, then it will present you with slightly different setup options based on the options you selected on the startup screen. The setup process may look different for gaming, creative or schoolwork options but testers will “not notice any other configuration differences” once the setup process is complete.

This feature is currently in the initial stage of development. Microsoft is yet to define the shape it will take down the road. It is possible that Windows 10 will soon present gamers with new Xbox or streaming options for in the setup, school-going users will see Office and collaboration tool setup options right off the bat.

If you are eager to test this new setup screen, you need to be in the Windows 10 Dev channel and then reset (and reinstall) the operating system to go through the entire process.

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