Minecraft Snapshot 24W03A Updates the Armadillo’s Design

Armadillo and a dog with wolf armor next to the wolf armor and armadillo scutes items in item frames in the new Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a
In Short
  • In Minecraft Snapshot 24W03A, armadillo, armadillo scutes, and wolf armor all got updated textures.
  • Moreover, spiders will now run away from armadillos and the Breeze will deflect all projectiles thrown at it.
  • With the new "spawnChunkRadius" command, you can adjust the radius of spawn chunks in your world.

The first new Minecraft snapshot of 2024 has arrived, and it has brought one of the most-requested community changes. It implements changes to experimental features such as the Breeze and villager trades rebalancing, but it also includes a highly requested change to the armadillo mob. So with that said, let’s cover all new features added in Minecraft snapshot 24W03A.

Armadillo’s Appearance Gets an Update

Yeah, even though the initial armadillo design was cute in its own ways, it was also fairly strange to look at. Many people have noticed this and pointed it out to the developers since the first release of the armadillo. Luckily, Mojang listened to this feedback, and voila, A new design for the armadillo has arrived in Minecraft snapshot 24W03A!

Old armadillo texture (L) and new armadillo texture (R)

This one has eyes on the side instead of on the forehead. It also has a slightly different base color that is lighter than the original and therefore the contrast between the darkest and lightest colors is much more visible. That’s not the only change to textures in this snapshot, as armadillo scutes also got a bit adjusted to suit the new armadillo colors.

In addition to the Savanna biome, this cute animal will also spawn in the Badlands biome, which makes it the only passive mob you can find there. Moreover, due to the fact that armadillos love to devour spider eyes for lunch, these arachnids are now scared of them.

Yes, that’s right. If an armadillo is not in a rolled up position, any nearby spiders or cave spiders will run away from it, which is honestly very hilarious.

The dog collar texture has also been modified a bit so it’s more consistent with the wolf armor. Wolf armor itself got a change to its icon, as well as the color.

Experimental Feature Changes

Breeze hasn’t been overlooked in Minecraft snapshot 24W03A, as now it can deflect any projectile, not just arrows and tridents. This now counts for eggs and snowballs. Also, all deflected projectiles will now return in the player’s direction.

Villager trades got a brand new rebalancing change. To make it simple, villagers who buy armor pieces will buy them with any durability, not just the ones with full durability.

Spawn Chunk Changes

This change is not a part of the new Minecraft 1.21 update, but it’s just as important. Spawn chunks, the chunks around your spawn point that are always loaded, are now adjustable. With the following command, you can change the radius of spawn chunks:

/gamerule spawnChunkRadius <value>

With this change, you will be able to boost your computer’s performance significantly. The default value used to be 10 but now it’s 2. So, if you don’t want to miss out on performance gains, then you can leave the value as is. But, if you want to leave it as it was before, simply change the value to 10 with the command above.

That’s all you need to know about the exciting features added in Minecraft snapshot 24W03A, apart from tons of bug fixes. This snapshot may conclude the armadillo feature changes, so the question is – what’s next? Will the trial key get a use or perhaps the Breeze a drop? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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