When a company launches a new product, it should be presented properly. While presentation, one wrong move by the speaker or some technical error in the product can bring down entire reputation of the company and also builds a perception in the mind of people that the product is just a waste of money. The issue is more serious if the company is hugely popular.

Recently Microsoft encountered a similar problem during the presentation of Microsoft’s new tablet, Surface, This issue had gone viral via YouTube, this will definitely hamper the growth of Surface.

But this problem is not new in Microsoft, It first happened during the live demonstration of Windows 98 by Bill Gates 14 years ago.  Here we are sharing Microsoft’s live presentation Fail videos,

1.  Microsoft’s Tablet PC, Surface, freezes during the presentation.

2.  Windows Vista Speech Recognition Fail

3.  Windows 98 Presentation Fail, Blue screen of death

Situations like above can happen with anyone, same happened with Steve Jobs too but he handled these situations wisely and turned them into a joke.

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