How to Remake in Valorant? (Explained)

Are you tired of disconnected teammates or an insta-lock Jett player who doesn’t anything know about Valorant agent and their abilities? If you are stuck in a scenario like this, Valorant allows you to simply remake a game, call it a draw, and move on to the next match to preserve your peace of mind. Also, in case you always find yourself in a 4 vs 5 situation, this guide is for you. Let us discuss how to remake a game in Valorant.

What Does Remake Mean in Valorant?

Remaking is a method where you can draw a game when you feel you are in an unfair situation. This can be done during the initial agent selection or when someone on your team disconnects or leaves an ongoing game.

If you wondering about the benefits, there are a few. When you remake a game in Valorant, the match will end in a draw. This will make sure you don’t continue in an unfair game, especially if you are playing competitive matches. If it is a rank game, remake can also save your RR. Read all about the Valorant rank system and what RR means in the linked guide.

Game draw screen

When Can You Remake a Match in Valorant?

There are two types of remakes in Valorant. One works when you are in the agent selection screen. If you feel uncomfortable with certain teammates, you can remake the game (explained how it can be done below) and it will result in a queue dodge. The second type of remake is when one or more of your teammates are AFK or disconnect before round 2. In that case, you can initiate a remake vote before round two. However, do note that if you are in a five-stack party, the option to remake is not allowed.

How to Remake a Match in Valorant (2 Ways)

Now that we know about the types of remakes, let us have a look at how to initiate the remake. Follow the step-by-step process below.

Method 1: Initiate Remake Vote in Match

When you are in a game and one or more of your teammates are AFK or disconnect before round 2, use this method. This will help you remake your Valorant game.

  • First, press the Enter key on your keyboard to open the chat box.
  • Now, type /remake in the chat box and press Enter again.
  • This will initiate the voting phase for the remake. All your teammates can now vote to decide if the match should end in a remake.
  • The teammates available in the game need to press the F5 key on their keyboards or type /yes in the chat box to accept.
  • After every one of your teammates has pressed F5 and agreed to the vote, the remake vote will pass.
  • This will remake your Valorant game, and it will end in a draw right away. Pretty easy, right?

Method 2: Remake on Agent Selection Screen

You can also remake on the agent selection screen, also known as queue dodge in Valorant. It is a common thing to do if you encounter a toxic teammate or teammates who always lock in duelists right away. Or, if you see a certain someone in your team that you don’t wish to play with, then you can use this method. There are two ways to dodge the queue in Valorant.

  • First, when you are in the agent selection screen, do not select any agent and let the timer at the top left run out. This will dodge the queue or remake the game.
  • You can also press ALT + F4 when you want to dodge the queue or remake the game in Valorant. This will close the game completely, and you will no longer be in the same queue when you get back in the game.

Note: Remember that if you use the queue dodge or remake in the agent selection screen frequently then you will get a queue penalty.

Furthermore, we suggest against using this method as it’s disruptive to players and can get frustrating for others in the queue. But if you genuinely encounter toxic players or those you don’t want to play with, use this method without any hesitation.

What Happens if the Remake Vote Fails?

There can be situations when teammates press the F6 key or type /no in the chat box. This will continue the game in an unfair situation. Unfortunately, for you, you cannot initiate another remake vote after your teammates choose to continue with the match. You will simply have to play the game in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rounds can you remake in Valorant?

Before the buying phase of round 2, you can initiate the remake vote. Make sure all your teammates agree on the remake before initiating.

Does a remake count as a loss?

No, once you complete a successful remake vote the game will end there as a draw. It will not deduct any RR or XP.

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