How to Get New iPhone X Ringtone on Other iPhones

How to Get iPhone X’s New Ringtone on Other iPhones

Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone X was recently released amid a lot of fan frenzy. Along with the various changes and features, the X also comes with a sweet new ringtone. The new ringtone is called “Reflection” and is set as the default tone on the iPhone X. This ringtone is exclusive to the iPhone X but don’t worry, we’ve cracked a way for you. So read on, as we show you how to get the iPhone X’s new ringtone on your iPhone:

Get iPhone X’s New Ringtone on Older iOS Devices

Note: We tried the following method on an iPhone 8 Plus, but the method should remain the same for any iOS device, be it the iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and even the iPhone 4.

  •  To begin with, download and install iTunes (free) on your PC or Mac.
  •  Next up, connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac via a USB cable and launch iTunes.

Open iTunes

  •  Now that your device is connected, download the iPhone X’s new ringtone from here to your PC/Mac.
  •  Now, drag the ringtone to the “Tones” section of iTunes.

Add Reflection to iTunes

  •  And that’s it. The new ringtone should now be on your device. Head over to Settings -> Sound & Haptics -> Ringtone.

Sounds and Haptic Ringtone

  •  Scroll down and you should now see “Reflection” in the options. Tap on that to select the ringtone.

Select Reflection

And that’s it. The iPhone X’s new ringtone is now available on your iPhone.

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Use The New iPhone X Ringtone on Your iPhone

Apart from the much-controversial notch, the iPhone X brings a lot of welcome changes to the series of iOS devices. While the new default ringtone might not be a very big change, it certainly is noticeable and bound to turn up a few ears. You can try and install the new ringtone on your iPhone to see it for yourself. I am absolutely in love with the new Reflection ringtone. But what about you? Let us know in the comments down below.


  1. its not happening. I drag the tone like 10-15 times but it does not save there. Give solution
    iphone 5s

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