Google serves more than 1 billion queries in a day from all around and returns result in just 0.25 seconds on an average. Aren’t you curious about what happens behind that white screen when you open in your browser ?

Let’s visualize the Life of a Google query
  • There are more than 1 billion searches each day on Google.
  • 20% of the queries are new to Google every day.
  • Every query has to travel on average 1,500 miles to get the answer back to the user.
  • Instant Preview loads in 1/10th of a second on average.
Development of Google search Algorithm
  • Google spent 1,000,000 computing hours to prepare the index.
  • More than 1,000 man-years have gone into developing the Google search algorithm.
  • Google indexes billions of web pages with index well over 100 million gigabytes.
Every year Google makes more than 500 improvements to its search algorithm, Here’s a short video showing the work behind the scenes to improve Google search.

Google always do experiments with its search algorithm and the latest is the Search Plus Your World which has been criticized more than loved.

But, It’s only because of Google’s brave decisions of experimentation with its algorithm , it is most reliable and accurate search engine since 1998.