google fit youtube workout playlists integration

Google Fit Adds YouTube Playlists for Working Out at Home

google fit youtube workout playlists integration

If you’ve been working out regularly at the gym, chances are COVID-19 has really derailed that aspect of life for you. Well, Google is now trying to make it easier for people to work out indoors. The company is updating the Google Fit app and adding YouTube’s playlists on indoor workouts, and staying healthy to the app.

For those unaware, YouTube has workout related playlists under #WithMe hashtag. As the world combats COVID-19, this is Google’s attempt at helping people stay fit while staying indoors. Now, these playlists will directly show up in the Google Fit app.

You will be able to find these new playlists directly beneath the heart and points ring. Moreover, you can find videos for yoga, high intensity interval training, workout and dance. The playlists directly open up in the YouTube app, and you can begin your workout easily.

“In the Google Fit app, you can browse and view dozens of YouTube’s well-being, meditation, and fitness videos. We want to encourage you to continue to strive to hit the AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of weekly physical activity by incorporating this content into your fitness plan”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us all to be confined to our houses. While that doesn’t feel amazing, it’s for the best to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Plus, with the number of home workout videos out there, you can easily stay fit indoors.

Featured image courtesy: 9to5Google

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