10 Free Apps to Track TV Shows and Movies

We all love watching movies, and TV shows. However, if you’re as big a fan of watching movies and TV shows, as I am, chances are, you have trouble remembering when a particular episode is airing. Another problem is, figuring out which other movies, and TV shows you might like. All these problems can be solved by apps that track TV shows and movies. So, here are 10 free apps for Android, and iPhone that can help you keep a track of movies and TV shows that you have watched, that you want to watch, and the ones that you might like:

1. Fan TV

Fan TV is an app available for both Android, and iOS, which features a really slick interface for tracking movies, and TV shows. Within the app, movies and TV shows are categorized by filters such as “New Releases“, “Now Streaming” for movies, and “Fresh Episodes“, “Fall Shows“, etc for TV Shows. This makes it easy to find new movies, and TV shows to watch. You can also easily find movies that you can legally stream from a variety of sources.


You can even search for movies, and TV shows from the really great “search” feature offered by the app. The feature is “great”, because it is very fast, and it also supports searching by voice. So you can say things like “Movies with James Franco”, and the search will show results containing movies starring James Franco.


You can add movies to your watchlist, or toggle status between “Seen”, and “Unseen”, to keep a track of the movies that you have watched, and the ones that you want to watch. However, this will require you to create an account on the app. You can do this easily, by using Facebook to sign-in, or by creating a new account using an email ID.

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2. iShows TV

iShows is all about TV shows. The app features a great curation of TV shows that you can search for, through its great search feature. Once you have searched for a TV show, you can use the app’s filters to get results that are most relevant to you. You can simply add TV shows to your watch-list, by tapping on the “+” icon next to their name. This adds the TV shows to your home screen. Here, you can easily mark episodes as watched. To get an overview of all the seasons and episodes that have aired for that TV show, you can simply swipe right to left, and you will be presented with a list view of the episodes in each season. You can mark episodes as watched, by tapping on the “eye” icon next to each episode.


When you’re looking at the description for a particular episode of a TV show, you will also be able to see the number of app users that are also watching the same episode. This is not really a feature that matters, but it’s fun to know how many other users are watching the same show with you. The app also supports Trakt, to show you recommendations for the TV shows that you might want to watch. It also uses Trakt to connect you with your friends that are using the same app.


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3. Goodshows

Another good app that you can use to keep a track of the TV shows that you want to watch, or are currently watching – Goodshows combines great user interface with intuitive gestures, and navigation. You can search for TV shows that you want to watch, or that you’re already watching. You can then add them to your watchlist. Here, you can swipe right on the name of the show to mark it as watched. Once you do this, you will have to select the episodes that you have watched, and rate them, in order to mark them as watched. While this might seem a lot of work to mark something as watched, it ensures that you are contributing to the community inside the app, by rating each episode that you’ve watched, so that others can figure out if it is worth watching. The app also supports movies, so you can add them to your watchlist, or mark them as seen, as well.


All the movies, and TV shows that you watch, add up to a karma in the app, which is visible to anyone on the app. It is basically a statistic of the number of movies, tv shows, and episodes that you have watched.

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4. TV Show Time

TV Show Time is yet another good app that you can use to track your favorite TV shows. It allows you to add TV shows that you want to watch, or you are watching, and notifies you when a new episode of the TV shows you’ve added is available. It can also let you know when one of your favorite TV shows is coming back on the air. This can come in really handy if you watch a lot of TV shows, and don’t want the hassle of remembering the air dates for every single one of them. The app does require you to sign up, or log in. If you’re in a hurry, you can even use Facebook, or Twitter to log in to the app.


When you first log in to the app, you have to select at least 5 TV shows that you are watching, so that TV Show Time can start tracking them for you, and giving you alerts, and reminders for new episodes, and season premieres.  You can then set the number of episodes you have watched for each show, or simply mark it as “up to date“. The main interface of the app lets you know at a quick glance when the next episode of your favorite TV show is airing, and what episodes were released in the past. The app is a must try if you like watching a lot of TV shows.

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5. Next Episode

Yet another great app for keeping track of movies, and TV shows – Next Episode is a free app available for both Android, and iPhone. The app does have in-app purchases for the PRO version, which removes the banner ads from the app, enables notifications and widgets, and gives you the ability to request the developer to add shows that may be missing from the catalog. That said, the app has a decent interface, although the hints that pop-up, trying to help the user around the interface can be a tad annoying.

You can search for TV shows from the main interface of the app, and when you tap on a TV show, you get information such as the date of the last episode, as well as the date when the next episode will air. Tapping on “Show Details” comes up with a small description of the item you’re viewing, as well as similar TV shows that you may be interested in watching.


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6. Todo Movies 4

Todo Movies is a neat app for tracking movies. The app launches up with the “Discover” section, where there are a number of curated lists of movies. Lists like “Top 10 Comedies of 2016”, and “50 Movies to Watch Before you Die”, are all a part of this discover screen. There are a lot of such lists, and you will definitely find something (or more) worth watching from this screen itself. Within the discover section, you can sort movies by “Top Lists”, “Genres”, “Upcoming”, and more, to find exactly the type of movies that you’re most interested in watching.


The app also lets you search for movies that you can add to your Watchlist, and comes with a “News” section as well, which is constantly updated with news about the latest movies. The section can be sorted by “Movies”, “Celebrity”, and “General”, to get results related to the topics that you want to read about.

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7. SeenIt

SeenIt is an iPhone app that allows you to track TV shows that you watch. The app uses Trakt.tv to manage this data, and you will need a Trakt.tv account to get started with the app. You can search for TV shows inside the app, and then mark episodes as watched. The best part about this app, is that allows you to mark all episodes of a season as watched, with a single tap.


The app also comes with a “Discover” feature, that displays the trending TV shows, making it easy to discover new shows. You can even swipe left on this page, to reveal a “Popular” TV shows page. Here, the app shows all the top rated shows. The list is quite accurate, with Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad leading the way.

Once you add TV shows that you’re watching, the app’s “Upcoming” section shows the upcoming episodes for those TV shows. You can simply tap on these episodes, and mark them as watched, once you have. The app also allows you to rate episodes.

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8. MovieList

MovieList is another iPhone app that can help you keep track of movies that you have watched, or want to watch. The app launches into an extremely minimal interface, with only two buttons. You can tap on the “+” icon, to search for movies that you want to watch. Once you search for a movie and add it to the app, it is displayed in a list in the home screen itself.


Here, you can swipe left on the name of the movie, to mark it as watched, or to delete it from the list. You can always tap on the “list” icon on the bottom to see all of your watched movies. If you tap on the name of a movie that you have added to your watch list, you will be able to see the director, as well as the cast for the movie, along with the year of release, and the run time of the movie in minutes.

The app is definitely a good way to keep track of the movies that you want to watch, and the movies that you have watched, already. The ratings that the app shows for movies can also help you decide whether you want to go watch it, or not.

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9. TV Series

TV Series is an Android app that can help you track episodes, and air dates for the TV shows that you watch, or want to watch. The app is free to download, but comes with in-app purchases. You can choose to log in to the app, sign up for the app, or you can simply skip the log-in/sign-up process all together. You can search for TV shows that you are watching, and add them to your collections.


Once you add TV shows to your collections, the app will start telling you what episode you’re currently on, on which episode is up next. If you have watched all the available episodes, the app will tell you when the next episode will air, instead. The app also features a calendar view. This is really great, because the app marks the days when an episode is airing, making it easier for you to remember when a TV show will air, instead of having to Google the air dates, all the time.

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10. SeriesGuide

SeriesGuide is another good app for Android devices, that lets you manage and track TV shows you like to watch, or want to watch. You can add new shows in the app easily, using the featured shows in the app, or by searching within the app itself.

Once you have added a TV show to the app, the app displays the upcoming episodes for that TV show, as well as the next episode that it thinks you should watch, based on the episodes you’ve marked as “watched”. The app integrates Trakt ratings for TV shows, and comes with extensions such as IMDb, TheTVDB, and more. It also has support for comments, so people can discuss the episodes with ease.


The app is free, but it comes with in-app purchases that you can buy to unlock additional features.

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Track TV Shows and Movies with these free apps

You can use these free apps to track TV shows, movies that you are interested in watching, or the ones you’re already watching. These apps definitely make it easier to keep a track of the air dates for various episodes, and some of them even help you keep up to date with the latest news about the movies, TV shows, and celebrities you’re interested in.

As always, if you have any issues with these apps, or if you know of another great movie, and TV tracking app that you think deserves to be on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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