Fix for Poco F1 Touch Issues Coming Later This Month

Poco F1

Poco F1 is arguably the most attractive smartphone when it comes to value for money, because of the performance it offers. But despite the powerful specifications, many users have felt that Xiaomi has skimmed on certain features to cut costs.

One of the issues that Poco F1 many users have reported is the problem with multi-touch, especially observable while playing immersive shooters such as PUBG Mobile. For a long time, Pocophone’s Twitter support has received some flack for the lack of the company’s efforts in resolving this issue on Poco F1 but a fix seems to be underway.

While responding to a user’s query, Pocophone’s global head Alvin Tse hinted that the issue is about to be resolved and rolled out to users very soon. Tse suggested that the fix will first be made to the beta users before the end of this month.

While there is no official update from Xiaomi or Poco on the issue, an MIUI Forum member Manik Singh reports that he was offered a fix by the Pocophone engineers and developers working on the fix. Almost convinced that there was no fix for the peeve after a lack of proper response from Pocophone’s and Xiaomi’s Twitter teams, the user uploaded a video of the touch response tracker in the Poco F1 bugs thread as a last resort.

Luckily, he was hit up by one of Xiaomi’s developers who helped them with a software patch. The patch appears to have solved the problem of random as well as missed touches and the user has shared a video as a proof of the development.

The user has not shared the patch with others, but the video proof makes a compelling case that the issue should be fixed in the coming months for all users. Meanwhile, we also expect Poco to also roll out Android Pie for Poco F1 by next month and while a beta build is already available, there aren’t many exciting features that set it apart from MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo.

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  • I commented when they messed up…so I think its only fair to comment when they get it right.

    They have fixed the touch issues on beta build 8.12.20 for poco f1.
    I am using this build and can confirm that typing is much better now and there’s no touch lag in pubg anymore.

    Hopefully theyll release this in a stable update for all users soon.

  • Thanks for this information.
    But my question is why was this not reported in your reviews or other videos on poco f1 ?

    All your videos on poco f1 mentioned that gaming is great. Please review carefully.


      • Thanks for responding (I’m pleasantly surprised).
        First of all I’m a huge fan of your channel and believe that this is one of the few genuine ones left.
        Popular channels like yours reporting such issues will surely ensure that Xiaomi fixes them soon as many people(myself included) have bought this phone to play games and the experience on pubg is really bad…exactly as reported by the user on mi forums.

        Another issue you can check: try to type the word “hope” very fast (dont swipe…just type the letters super fast). You will see that it types “hoep”. Basically touches at the corners respond slower than touches at the center so e gets typed before p.
        You can probably make a video pointing out different touch issues.(without being too critical as xiaomi has said they’ll provide a fix).

        Thanks again and all the best from a Beebom and Xiaomi fan.

      • Hey!
        Yes, I’d been using Poco since the launch and switched to OP6 only because I couldn’t bear with the typing experience. But I’m “hoeping” Xioami has taken note 😉

      • Hey…Us customers cant keep switching phones. We as customers can “hoep” but i would request tech blogs/channels like yourself to point these out in videos and demand fixes. They respond to you guys much quicker to avoid bad publicity.

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