Facebook Started Taking Google+ Seriously

Facebook Started Taking Google+ SeriouslySince the launch of Google+, It has always been compared with Facebook because the approach of socialization is same in both the social networking sites.

To be honest Google+ is no different from Facebook because both offers exactly same way of communication but, there are some features that Google+ improvised on and made them better than Facebook.

In last few months, Facebook has rolled out some changes that are clearly inspired from Google+. Let’s have a look on them.

In September 2011, Facebook launched improved Friend Lists as an answer to Google+ Circles.

Though Lists were already there in Facebook , it was time consuming to organize lists for different parts of your life and keep them up to date and hence many improvements were made in lists to compete against Google+’s Circles.

In Feb 2012, Facebook changed its photoviewer made it look exactly like Google+’s existing photoviewer because, In this photoviewer, we don’t have to scroll down anymore to see the comments on a particular photo and this will encourage users to engage.

In March 2012, Facebook improved image quality and also launched a full screen photoviewer which is again inspired from Google+’s better image quality.

Google+’s better image quality attracted many serious photographers and for them Facebook was never an option. But, now Facebook has learned that too and is paying a lot of attention on images.

These back to back changes clearly shows that Facebook started taking Google+ seriously, Though there are very little chances of permanently switching from Facebook to Google+ especially when one has all your friends on it and the other doesn’t.

What do you think will be the next move by Facebook ?

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