The world of Logos is very interesting, it’s not just design that matters, there are a lot of other aspects too. Let’s dive deeper and explore psychology behind the logos of some of the world’s biggest companies

Color Psychology behind Logos

Color plays a very important role in the designing of a logo because different colors interpret different emotions and that’s why big brands choose the color of their logo very carefully. For instance, the color of Red Bull’ logo is red while that of Starbucks is green because red implies energy and passion & green is for freshness and growth.

Value of Logos

No matter how much a logo costs, the bigger the company, more is the value of its logo. Apple is the most valued brand in the world followed by Microsoft, Coca Cola and IBM and hence their logos follow the same trend.

Some logos which were created at a very low cost are now the most iconic logos, one of the best example is Google’s logo which was designed by Sergey Brin in GIMP software. On the other hand some logos which were designed by professionals who took millions of bucks faced criticism, 2012 London’s Olympics Logo is an appropriate example for this.

Evolution of Logos

Some companies have not changed their logo much since the very beginning. For instance, the logos of Coca Cola and General Electric have not changed much since the beginning. Whereas Logos of Pepsi, IBM etc have changed a lot. Whether a company wants to change its logo or not, depends from company to company.

Here’s an amazing infographic developed by Finances Online that discusses the Color Psychology, evaluation and evolution of logos of world’s famous and biggest companies.

Color Psychology, Value and Evolution of World's Famous Company Logos (Infographic)


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Infographic Courtesy: Entrepreneur