Coronavirus Impact: Buses in the UK Will Now Come With Air-Purifiers

UK Buses with air filtration feat.

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, we have seen governments of several countries take the necessary steps to protect its citizens. Now, according to recent reports, The UK government is installing air filtration devices in their public buses to keep passengers safe from the deadly virus.

So, as per the report, a UK-based regional bus operator, Warrington’s Own Buses, has installed devices in their buses that are designed to keep the air inside the buses clean and virus-free. The air-cleaning devices are developed and manufactured by AirLabs, a company producing devices to minimize air pollution.

Now, the name of the device currently installed in Warrington buses is “AirBubbl” filters. These devices can filter out around 95% of particulate matter from the air, including deadly germs and viruses. So, the main aim of the bus operator is to keep its staff and passengers safe and Coronavirus-free.

“By installing the AirBubbl devices we’re ensuring that we can reduce the risk of exposure for our staff, who have done a fantastic job in serving Warrington during this crisis.”, said Stephen Stringer, the Head of Engineering at Warrington’s Own Buses.

The report also states that AirLabs, apart from in buses, has also installed the “AirBubbl” filters in 100 patient transport vehicles. These vehicles are operated by a London-based healthcare transport provider, HATS Group.

Now, apart from the “AirBubbl” filters, the company also manufactures another air-filtering device called “AiroSafe”. Both of the devices use AirLab’s proprietory air filtration technology. However, “AirBubbl” is designed to work in closed, compact areas, while the “AiroSafe” devices can cover large areas.

So, since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we have seen the Brits convert their parliament into a video conferencing hub for the first time. Now, with this move, the UK government is trying to make public transport normal for citizens again.

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