bluetti share your story contest

Share Your Story With BLUETTI to Win Free Solar Generators, Solar Panels, Cash, Coupons & More

bluetti share your story contest

BLUETTI is one of the leaders in the green energy industry with a long lineup of eco-friendly products. It has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has accumulated millions of customers from 70+ countries around the globe over the past decade. To celebrate the holiday spirit and the dawn of a new year, BLUETTI is giving away cash, gifts, and several rewards to its customers through the Share Your Story” campaign. You need to share your special moments with BLUETTI and express how BLUETTI’s products have helped you and your family in different scenarios. So to learn more about the prizes and how to join the campaign, let’s go through the details.

Share Your Story With BLUETTI and Win Exciting Gifts

BLUETTI is running a “Share Your Story” campaign from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023, in which you can participate and win many rewards and cash prizes. The company is giving away free solar generators, solar panels, outdoor gear, coupons, cash, gifts, and redeemable BLUETTI Bucks to users. How do you win one of these rewards, you ask? To participate, all you need to do is share your story with BLUETTI and how its eco-friendly portable power generators or solar panel products have made your life better.

Share Your Story With BLUETTI and Win Exciting Gifts

You can share any experience related to BLUETTI, be it from an adventurous camping trip where BLUETTI’s solar generator helped you power all of your devices. You can also share a story of how BLUETTI’s power stations came to the rescue at your home during a power outage. Basically, you need to share stories of BLUETTI’s green products that have made you realize the promise of a sustainable future.

Participants stand a chance to win $100 cash, BLUETTI EB3A and EB55 power stations, PV120 solar panels, BLUETTI mini-fridge, BLUETTI-styled hoodies and caps, $50 coupons, 3,000 BLUETTI Bucks, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and share your unique story with BLUETTI.

How to Participate in BLUETTI’s “Share Your Story” Campaign?

1. Shoot a short video expressing how BLUETTI products have made things better for you and helped you achieve an off-the-grid lifestyle. Basically, your special moments with BLUETTI‘s green energy solutions.

2. Post the video on YouTube Shorts with the #BLUETTIstory hashtag between December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023.

3. Now, submit the YouTube Shorts video link on BLUETTI’s website along with your name, email, link, and order ID.

4. Then, wait for the announcement. Winners will be informed through email about their rewards.

Redeem BLUETTI Bucks For Lifestyle Products

To show appreciation and gratitude to its users, the company now lets you redeem BLUETTI Bucks to buy any Lifestyle product you want. You no longer have to redeem BLUETTI Bucks just for coupons and gift cards. You can use it and pick one of the many useful lifestyle products. You can get outdoor gear like a mini fridge for 4,999 BLUETTI Bucks or a handheld vacuum for just 5,499 Bucks.

bluetti lifestyle

There are several other essential items in BLUETTI’s Lifestyle catalog. A tableware set will cost you 4,999 BLUETTI Bucks, a rechargeable camping lantern can be bought for 1,999 bucks, and a sturdy and scalable phone tripod for 2,499 Bucks. Other than that, BLUETTI’s power strip and multimeter can be redeemed for 1,999 Bucks each. You can find all the deals on BLUETTI’s Lifestyle page.

It’s Time to Grab Exciting Gifts by Sharing Your Special Moments With BLUETTI

So yeah, go ahead and share your story with BLUETTI to win cash and several rewards. You simply need to create a short video and post it on YouTube Shorts with the #BLUETTIstory hashtag. Moreover, I love that we can now redeem BLUETTI Bucks for lifestyle products. It’s lovely that the company is treasuring its relationship with millions of customers from across the world. You can find more detail about the campaign from the link below.

Participate in BLUETTI’s Share Your Story Campaign


  1. I have been looking at solar powered generators and panels. I saw yours on a homesteading video. I definitely need one but prices are high. I am just wondering why you would do this for people who have them and not those in need???

  2. We have been in 2 floods this year I need help.i need a power source for my kids in emergency like this.please help IL do reveiws IL do anything u ask .please help.please

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